This project was to make a safe connector for a custom vacuum feed through connector.

The voltages involved where within the 100V+ range so the connector had to be insulated when connected.

The connector was designed in Fusion 360 and printed on an UltiMaker 2 in ASA by myself.

The design took around 4 days from start to finished product and worked first time.

3D design

The 3D design was designed in four parts

  • Plug Cover: This is the large cup; giving enough room for wiring inside. It also allows fitting of a large compression fitting to add strain relief to the wiring loom.
  • Pin Insert: This is the front of the connect so to speak, which plugged into the vacuum feed through.
  • Pin Backing: This piece is inside the plug cover and holds the custom pins into the pin insert; while allowing the pin tab through to solder the wires onto.
  • Pin Tab Isolator: Wires are pushed through this piece before soldering onto the tabs poking through the “Pin Backing”. It provides isolation between the tabs inside the plug cover.