Variable HV Supply

The project’s aim was to design a 6W 0-1000V switch mode power supply. The DC-DC module is designed to be used in electron gun power supplies, hence it must have very low high frequency ripple.

The topology used was a current fed, push pull resonator. The current source used was a tracking, switching, constant current regulator. This is where a switching regulator supplies a linear regulator, but also following the output of the linear regulator. The gives the advantages of a linear regulator but with the efficiency of a switching regulator (linear regulator only drops 0.6V at any voltage range).

The PCB was designed to fit on half a Eurocard and controlled using RS485. The supply can be set between 0 – 1000V (6mA @ 1000V).

All design, simulation, schematic + PCB layout, testing was carried out by myself.