High Pressure Gas Rig

This project was to develop a system capable of the following:

  1. Pressuring small capillary tube from vacuum all the way to 100 bar
    1. The accuracy of positive pressure is determined by 0.2% of desired pressure or 30mBar
    2. The accuracy of negative pressure (vacuum) is 5mbar
  2. Provide a universal vacuum station for vac’ing down small to medium size systems
    1. This used a diaphragm pump combine with a turbo pump
  3. Continuous flow of a single gas and two gases (mixed)
    1. This was implemented through a Brooks flow controller

The gas rig’s main components are:

  • Swagelok bellow valves
  • Two Brooks flow controllers for continues flows
  • Windows 8 PC
  • Labjack for IO control
  • Keller pressure sensor (both negative and positive pressures)
  • Three pressure regulators for gas selection
  • Control program developed using Qt 5.9

All electronics design, mechanical design, construction, software architecture and programming was performed by myself.

View the control software’s code.